Kimi Kimi – Fruit Dessert

Song: Insane In The Brain – Cypress Hill

Every city and town have their signature spots to go grab whatnot. Whether it be THE gelato line, pizza john, sushi joint, sandwich shop, or smoothie spot, each destination has one. Well, I have found THE smoothie spot in Renon and this hidden gem is just a few blocks from my humble abode. Kimi Kimi is an easy to miss hole in the wall fruit dessert shop hidden between a huge sushi joint and my heart.

With a plethora of options, this sweet sally makes you salivate just reading the menu.

The first page says “Fruit Soup,” which could only imagine meant fruit in yogurt. I thought it best to go back and confirm that assumption. This is a good thing because I don’t know about you but fruit and soup do not mix in my mind, regardless of the fact that my Cuban mother enjoys bananas in her pea soup. Yeah I said it. Shutup. She’s my mother and I love her anyway.

Ah yes. The 2nd page is exactly what I was looking for in my pursuit of fruit and THE spot. The smoothies. These are the pure-breds people. Not only do these include my favorite fruit in bananas, mangos, and strawberries, but you can also get a sprinkle of Oreos on top of any of these golden girls. “Would you like peanut butter?” The question that the smiling Balinese girl asked me when I order the Red Minion Nut, a question that would have a few guys I know bringing their dogs to smoothie time, or maybe their smoothies to peanut butter time. Yes. I’ll have that. Thank you.

Now if you’re feeling really fancy, you can go for the premium desserts on the third page. This is the most expensive page, and the most expensive item on the most expensive page is the Avacado Silky (33k Rupiah: $2.34 USD). Maybe you’re catching on here that you could enjoy these luxury level desserts for the price of one slice of pizza from the Hut. That’s much more than I can say for my hometown spot, Smoothie King, which doesn’t even show the courtesy of putting lipstick on before it bends you over at the cash register.

And to top it off you can ICE CREAM TO ALL OF THIS SHIT. I’ve heard enough. When can I move in?

Sweet sweet lil Kimi Kimi. You are just the post gym (and everything else) angel that I have been looking for sweetheart. The food so nice, I consumed it twice…in the same day.

Next time you are in Bali, skip the tourist show and go local. Head on over to Renon and make sure to bring your good pants because this is the go place for your food oh face.

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