Roti Panggang Isi

Song: Everyday Struggle – Notorious B.I.G

Have you ever just looked at a portion of food that was so aesthetically pleasing to look at and thought to yourself, “that is going to be some heinous diarrhea, looks delicious, can’t wait to eat it,” in that order? Well, look no further.

I locked eyes on this bad boy and immediately knew that it was just what I needed to transform into a human volcano. Did it stop me? Absolutely not. I almost crapped my pants out of pure excitement.

Roti Panggang Isi is the name. Taste bud explosion is the game. It is essentially a grilled cheese on sweet bread but instead of cheese, you can order any combination of 2 items on this menu. But that’s not all. You can add toppings to this thing.

I chose to go with a layer of strawberry jam and a layer of chocolate, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It tasted like what I can only describe as a chocolate strawberry filled Toaster Strudel. The chef, and I call him a chef because it was that fucking good, tossed on a secret pink sauce that tasted like strawberry wafers. Well, he might as well have just tossed on rocket fuel because when I woke up this morning I was ready for takeoff.

So if you plan on visiting Bali, head on down to Roponggi in the Sindhu Night Market in Sanur and give one of these flavor bombs a try. One should be good for about 4 people. If you’re a real glutton for punishment (like me), you’ll take one for yourself. Make sure to take an Immodium with this thing or it’s going to come out looking like the Pepto Bismol that you should have ordered as a drink.

In the end, was it worth it? Is Tom Brady the GOAT? Is Tiger back? Is it really “not butter”? Give me another one right now. You bet your sweet ass it was worth it. This blog is sponsored by Airplane Mode…and Depends.


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